Abaka Solutions


Our platform is modular and customisable. It is an approach designed to integrate with your systems and infrastructure.
We will work with you to provide the right digital financial solutions for your customers. Our approach delivers an outstanding customer experience. It’s what we call Artificial Financial Intelligence™


Ready to deploy Digital Retirement Solutions for advised and non-advised journeys, supporting both accumulation and decumulation:

Key features are:

  • Retirement Goal, target shortfall
  • Online contributions and investments update
  • Pension tracing and consolidation
  • Tax benefits guidance
  • Investment pathways compliant decumulation journeys
  • Digital comm packs
  • Hybrid-advice and lead generation to advisers
  • Post-retirement engagement


Ready to deploy Digital Personal Finance Solutions:

  • Open Banking & Data Aggregation technology
  • Personalised & Intelligent Nudges
  • PFM & Budget Goals
  • Savings & Retirement Goals
  • Onboarding
  • Integration (core banking systems)
  • On-prem / Hybrid / Cloud interfacing

Workplace Financial Wellness

Build your custom Financial Wellness platform for Workplace solutions, supporting both employers and employees:

  • Financial Education
  • Personalised & Intelligent Nudges
  • Saving & Retirement planning guidance
  • Content & Communication platform
  • Analytics
  • Seamless HR/Payroll integration
  • Promote Rewards offering

Wealth Management

Ready to deploy Digital Wealth Solutions:

  • Holisitc robo-advice
  • Hybrid advice
  • Goal Based Investing
  • Open Banking & Data Aggregation technology
  • Data Insights


We have applied the benefits of Conversational AI to our mortgage module. People speak freely with chatbots. They can ask as many questions as they want without the fear of being seen as stupid or feeling embarrassment that they are talking up their time. It results in a higher volume of leads for our clients.

Key features are:

  • Chatbot guidance and lead generation
  • Digital marketing campaign support
  • Automated advisor process
  • Hybrid advice
  • Digital booking system