Improve the financial wellbeing of your employees today.

Research proves businesses suffer when their employees struggle financially. We help you engage, educate & empower your employees so that they can take control of their money and make informed financial decisions.



Your business wealth depends on your employees’ financial health.

Financial stress at the workplace may have a direct impact on your business. Our independent and impartial solution can better support your employees’ engagement and productivity.

ABAKA helps employees build their financial knowledge levels by providing them with access to 24/7 financial education and guidance. With ABAKA, your employees can set up their own savings goals and receive timely personalised nudges to help them stick with their financial plan, reduce debt, and increase short and long term savings.


Actionable financial nudges.

We help employees truly improve their financial situation by providing financial education, guidance and advice and enabling them to take actions and implement meaningful changes to their financial behaviour – whether that is pensions, personal expenses, debt or savings.

Data Security & Privacy

We take our job as custodians of your confidential data very seriously. That’s why ABAKA only uses read-access to analyse the data and we use bank-level 256K encryption to make sure that it remains secure.

Why is Financial Wellbeing important?


That’s your average loss each year per employee from the time they waste at work worrying about their finances.


What an employee costs you each year if you don’t communicate on your benefits.


Likely proportion of your staff not on track for the retirement they want

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