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Receive timely personalised nudges on specific steps to increase your savings, reduce debt, and improve your financial future.

Financial advice powered
by cutting-edge A.I

Get instant access to advice on your finances, anytime, anywhere, to help you better manage your money and plan your finances.

Reduce costs,
save money

Get rid of the hidden charges eating your savings. Access trusted financial help at a fraction of the cost, no matter who you are or how much money you have.

Ava, your personal financial assistant.

Ava is here to answer any question related to your money. Get instant financial help from your trusted virtual advisor - powered by cutting edge A.I technology.

What people say about us.

“I believe this is the future and your product is what we need for employee engagement.”

Global Head of Pensions.

“Love the product and have been thinking about it!”

Head of HR & Pensions.

“A financially secure employee makes for a contented employer and ultimately a successful work environment. The team at ABAKA has found an innovative way to take the pain out of a massive responsibility for those in today's workforce. We are excited to support ABAKA.”

Tom Ryan, Partner at Anthemis Group

“Any chance you can share it with us? I suspect it might well blows people’s mind’s here....”

Senior Partner Corporate Pensions Consulting.

ABAKA is a pioneer and its solution drastically changes the way people engage with their savings.
Our strategic partnership aims to help our 3000+ employers better engage, educate and empower their team with their finances"

Managing Director.

“I have some large advisors who would like to talk. Even the rough concept has them drooling.
The ABAKA solution is lightyears ahead of the digital tools they are currently struggling with.”

Corporate Sales.

Who we work with.

We keep your employee data safe and secure with our strategic partnership with Microsoft.

3rd largest insurer in South Africa. MMI Holdings through its MMI Exponential arm has a unique focus on improving people’s financial wellbeing.
“The seamless integration of machine learning and pensions is the next step in helping businesses become smarter and empower individuals to make intelligent decisions about the future of their money.”

Dan Smith, Exponential’s Managing Partner

The combined Aberdeen-Standard Life is the third largest Life and Asset manager in the UK.
ABAKA has partnered with their platform for custodial services.

ABAKA has partnered with the world’s largest asset manager to support our platform with employers using Blackrock’s investments in their pension scheme.

The Salvus Master Trust is UK’s fastest full-service workplace pension: it’s fully online, takes seconds to set up with a small fee of just £20 per month +Vat for employers (waived for larger schemes)!

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