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Our mission is to Educate, Engage and Empower your employees in order to improve their financial wellbeing.

We live in a Brave New World, where individuals have complete freedom and bear the full responsibility of managing their pensions and savings. People have different levels of financial knowledge and this can lead to many not understanding finance or being able to find suitable and affordable financial advice.

ABAKA helps employees make decisions about the future of their savings.

Albert Camus once said:

Albert Camus
What we do

What we do

ABAKA is an intelligent savings platform which gives employers the potential to improve the financial wellbeing of their workforce.

ABAKA enables employers to improve employee benefits awareness, directly communicate and engage with their staff, and helps to put employees in control of deciding what they need and when.

ABAKA helps employees develop their own financial knowledge levels by providing them with timely financial guidance and personalised nudging.

ABAKA's focus on financial wellbeing helps employees potentially reduce financial worries by improving their financial knowledge with regards to savings and investments. ABAKA may also improve workforce engagement, communication and productivity, which employers may benefit from.

Who we are

Who we are

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and industry experts with a mission to improve people's financial wellbeing, and re-invent the way the financial industry works.

We are problem-solvers; we love sharing ideas and opinions; we work with ground-breaking technology; and we offer exceptional benefits to our staff in an inspiring and collaborative environment.

We are always looking for outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, who want to be part of this exceptional team.

Our partners

anthemis group

Anthemis Group

Anthemis is at the centre of a vibrant ecosystem of startups and financial institutions aiming at reinventing financial services for the digital world. They are investors, advisors, conveners and problem solvers.

MMI Holdings

MMI Holdings

MMI Holdings through its Exponential Ventures arm has a focus on improving the Financial Wellness of individuals, households and their communities. MMI Holdings is a South African based financial services group listed on the South African stock exchange, the JSE.

Anthemis Exponential Ventures is a global investment fund focused on Financial Wellness in the Fintech, Insurtech and Healthtech sectors.



BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with world-class capabilities and range of products and services.

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